Beneath the waves swam an invisible intelligence, a personality, female usually. The Dragon Princess was coming back. Waves of delight crested in terror. The Umiyoku had warned of her wrath.
From LIGHT, my new novel, coming soon.
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An unfamiliar shore

You have arrived at my website. Have a scroll along the beach and you'll find an assortment of words, music, magic and graphics, tangled in themes of awakening, evolution and gifts within shadows.

Familiar shores fade like mist on the horizon. New myths bridge from old paradigms to new prehistory——mostly by examining the fading.

It's a diverse place, the midst of change. Illlusions abound by night. The sand reveals tracks of unknown creatures in the morning.

And footsteps——our own or someone else's? Some go around in circles. Others stop at the sea, as if someone had stood there, waiting for a boat.

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An AI, a virus, a prophecy.
A cryptic novel for the post-truth era

Haunted by a dream of a mystery woman, burned-out contractor Adam Walker joins an obscure government department overseeing a new system managed by AI.

When a message hidden in a junk email possesses his imagination, Walker enters a labyrinth of coincidence and hidden meaning

Summoned Upstairs, intergovernmental mandarin Akbal reveals the real reason for Walker’s hire. Like his predecessor, Mu, he has the illlness [sic], a virus transmitted by words.

Attacking the temporal lobes, it alters human identity. Subjects become invisible to the AI. Mu has gone dark. Walker must find him before he broadcasts a sequence of words, triggering a pandemic.

Light refers to spirituality on the one hand, and digital intelligence on the other.

Set in London and Tokyo, LIGHT is a rollercoaster dive into human identity.

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The Empire Strikes Back
November 3, 2023

Last Saturday, half a million people marched in London to demand an immediate end to Israel’s bombing of civilians trapped the world’s largest concentration camp... UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman described this peaceful protest as “a hate mob.” Find out why

The Magic of Kindness
October 31, 2023

Reaction: mounting anger and despair at the failure of the UK and US governments to call for a cease to Israel’s obscene obliteration of Gaza.

Green Monday #001
October 30, 2023

It sounded like something from a sci-fi B-movie until I joined an online group formed to discuss and protest the release of 400 million mosquito eggs into Bali’s ecosystem on November 13...

The Spiritual Response
October 30, 2023

Spending hours watching clips of survivors pulling dead babies from the rubble of Gaza brings a heaviness, a foreboding. One doesn’t want to be alone in that, so one reaches out, and inevitably transmits that heaviness...

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LIGHT serialised in words and audio, with the first five chapters for free.

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Essays on esoteric matters, current affairs, compliance, defiance, viruses and big changes.



Shortish pieces on life, current affairs and writing.

NOISE cover


Short stories of transformation from the UK, Peru and Indonesia, connected by the theme of noise. From noisy neighbours in an overcrowded world to the magic of the rainforest and the wrath of the ocean.

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Ghirl In The SheIII

An ode to the classic anime of 1995, Ghost in the Shell. Three decades on, its far-out vision of spirits in the ethernet seems more prescient than ever.

This is a transgenic shape-shifter of an album. Tech-bangra breaks, arp-driven pop-dance, ghostly italo and viral vocodals recombine in infectious variants. Side effects include involuntary body movement and euphoria. Listen at your own risk.

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Tools for navigating the great change
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What are you here to do? 
What's essential? 
What's in the way? 
Do you trust life? 
Do you trust you? 

These questions turn keys in your DNA.
Doors open.

NWIV: Journey to Genius combines online and real world retreats that use traditional and transformational methods to help people grow, evolve and find meaningful connection with others.

The Mesa of Alchemy is a four month online retreat, launching this December. Work with the elements, the mesa and the Gene Keys to unlock the genius of your natural wisdom. Now booking for launch this December.

The Mesa of Mastery retreats and workshops continue the alchemy in the real world. Launching 2024.


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Looking for a look? I design stuff for clients, from logos to stationery to dynamic + responsive websites like this one. With 13 years experience in digital, + words + music + magic, your stuff will rock. [Discount if you spot the screenshot].

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